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Meet the Team

I am incredibly fortunate to work with an absolutely amazing team of young ladies who are dedicated to doing their very best every single day. I absolutely love these ladies!!! I am proud to introduce the team that makes Children's Dentistry of Beaumont THE best pediatric dental office around:

Lacey McKay, Office Manager

Lacey is one of the sweet & helpful voices you'll hear when you call our office. Lacey has been with our office since the beginning and has been instrumental to our office growing into a business that can provide such excellent care to so many children in our area. Lacey's second title is TREATMENT COORDINATOR, so when it is time to check out after your child's visit, it's time to see Lacey. If Dr. McQuade has recommended that your child return for a treatment appointment, Lacey will review Dr. McQuade's recommendations with you, help you find the most convenient time available to schedule and review your payment options with you, if you wish. Lacey spent many years working for a pediatrician, so she knows kids! And she can often answer those last minute questions that you think of right AFTER the doctor has left the room. Lacey and her husband have two sons that they devote their lives to, but EVERY once in a while, I think she might discuss payment options on one of them as well!

Holly Holmes, New Patient Coordinator

Holly was the face you saw at the front desk for several years, but now her full attention is on helping new families and parents understand our philosophy and know what to expect at their first visit. We know parents are particular about the care their children receive and Holly's genuine, caring, empathetic and patient personality are the reason many families choose our office. So, you'll now find Holly at a separate desk on your way out where she can offer her undivided attention to the parents of new patients and she'll probably be in deep conversation with a parent who rightfully has many questions about dentistry.  It might remind you of your first conversation with her and why we love and appreciate her so.....  Holly started with our a team only a few months after opening so she knows the inner workings of pediatric dentistry and our office inside and out. In addition she is no stranger to clinical dentistry and has previously worked as a dental assistant.  We're blessed to have Holly on our team and proud to congratulate her on over 5 years of fabulous service.

Haley Geauth, Scheduling Coordinator

Haley is the bright young face you'll see smiling genuinely at you when you walk through our door.   She is new to dentistry but not to excellent customer service.  So when she asks you how you're doing, she's asking you from her heart not a script.  She is attentive, diligent and detail oriented and is learning the dental aspect of our office at a rapid pace!  Haley is a true asset to our team and we know you'll love her too (She will be the one to politely ask you to update your child's medical history... with a smile :-)... and you won't even mind! .)

Raquel Trahan, Registered Dental Hygienist

Raquel joined our team part-time in the summer of 2010 and immediatley proved to be an invaluable member... in fact, she agreed to be with us full time starting in 2011.  Raquel has been endorsed by Dr. McQuade's teenage daughter as "the sweetest and most gentle hygienest ever!"  She is the beautiful young lady that performs the "cleaning and fluoride" part of your child's new patient or recare appointment.  She will spend time educating you and your child on proper plaque removal, and share with you some tips that have worked for her own four children.  She is highly knowledgable about nutrition and is always willing to review the relationship between your child's diet and their risk for dental decay.  As a dental hygienist, Raquel is trained to make a thorough evaluation of your child's soft tissue (gums, tongue, lips, etc.) and she will relay any findings to you as well as Dr. McQuade.  We are so fortunate to have Raquel on our team, her skills help us provide the excellent level of care you can expect from our office.

At CDB, we are proud that our Registered Dental Assistants are also licensed by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners to place protective dental sealants, monitor patients receiving nitrous oxide and perform coronal polishing (part of the "cleaning").  Not all RDAs can boast these certifications, so know that your loved one(s) are in the hands of experienced, licensed, caring experts.

Antonia Tobar, Registered Dental Assistant

Antonia is a Registered Dental Assistant who is relatively new to our team, but definitely not to working with children. Antonia has a quiet way of helping children of all ages feel welcome and comfortable in our office.  As the Lead Dental Assistant, Antonia is also credited with ensuring the highest level of cleanliness (very frequently above and beyond what is "required"), infection control, equipment maintenance, as well as keeping the rest of us (doctor, hygienist(s) and assistants) coordinated and moving smoothly throughout the day. In addition to her dental assistant certification, Antonia is also certified by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners to perform coronal polishing and to place protective dental sealants. (And although there really isn't a certification for it, Antonia must be recognized for being able to fix just about anything!!!!)

Aleona Darden, Registered Dental Assistant

Aleona brings her sweet, calm, confident personality and a big smile to our office every single day. As with every other member of our team, Dr. McQuade noticed Aleona's ability to communicate with, calm and reassure children immediately. Aleona also has magical powers... at least, that's what it seems like... she is able to convince many, many frightened children to WILLINGLY have x-rays taken and then sit RELAXED in the chair for their exam and cleaning.... We're not really sure how she does it, so it must be magic. Aleona has many, many strengths as a dental assistant and children just love her as well!

Jackie White, Registered Dental Assistant

Jackie is a Registered Dental Assistant who also is new to our team but not to pediatric dentistry.... We know her previous position misses her but we're grateful she decided to join pediatric dentistry full time! Jackie's sweet smile and attention to detail make her a perfect fit for our clinical team and she has fit seamlessly from her first day. She is extra talented at being able to take x-rays on even the most hesitant children. She embraces the CDB philosophy: treat every child as our own. We know that you and your child will see her sparkling, friendly eyes and immediately feel more at ease and her soothing voice will seal the deal on any anxiety your child may have thought they had!